Please note that ALL stamp sellers who run “private auctions”, do so solely to prevent concerned collectors from being able to contact bidders on fraudulent, misidentified and misrepresented items.

Many of you have an incorrect notion of what "AS IS" means. When used properly the seller is saying to you: "I am not qualified to give an opinion on this item and I am pretty darn sure someone who is qualified would say it is bad, otherwise I'd gamble a few bucks myself on an expertization. You buy it, it's yours. If you want to get rid of it you'll have to find someone as gullible as you were because I NEVER want to see it again!!!"


In the vast majority of cases on eBay what the seller is really saying is:
"I KNOW it ain't real, it will NEVER get a clean certificate from a legit expertizing committee, and in fact most of the time I have manufactured this worthless piece of crap MYSELF by altering a cheap or damaged stamp or if it is an expensive color variety it is really the cheapest one." That's FRAUD plain and simple.